The next phase of super acts is here! More artists from around the globe are joining our magic island for 11 DAYS & NIGHTS of electronic music and art bliss.

28 Dec 2018 — 08 Jan 2019
Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
Limited number of 11-Day Multi Passes still available at 189€!


EPIZODE is an international festival located in Southeast Asia, in Vietnam’s biggest island - Phu Quoc.


Festival’s main goal is creating a completely new format in the region, with the main focus on the contemporary art and music.


EPIZODE is a unique opportunity for locals and random travelers to take part in the establishment of the modern culture, as well as for the Westerners and residents of neighboring continents, who are searching for exotics.

And while the Northern hemisphere is covered by snow and the thermometer doesn’t rise above zero, here in Phu Quoc, surrounded by wild palm trees, white beaches and ocean waves, everyone can, not only get the necessary dosage of vitamin D, but also participate in the bloom of an unique creative environment.


The third EPIZODE will be held from December 28, 2018 to January 8, 2019 at the already known Long Beach territory, at the western part of Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam.



  • The duration of visitor's stay in the festival teritorry is unlimited
  • The ticket is valid for the entire duration of the festival
  • The number of entries through gates is unlimited
9400 pуб.
12350 pуб.
14900 pуб.
16500 pуб.
20500 pуб.
  • Valid for a group of 3 persons
  • Joint presence is not required
  • The duration of visitor's stay in the festival teritorry is unlimited
  • The ticket is valid for the entire duration of the festival
  • The number of entries through gates is unlimited
29000 pуб.
36000 pуб.
39500 pуб.
47000 pуб.
  • Joint presence is not required
  • The duration of visitor's stay in the festival teritorry is unlimited
  • The ticket is valid for the entire duration of the festival
  • The number of entries through gates is unlimited
12350 pуб.
14900 pуб.
16500 pуб.
20500 pуб.
Apollonia . Bill Patrick . Dan Andrei . Denis Kaznacheev . DeWalta . DJ Masda . DOTT . Dubfire . Ferry Corsten . Fonarev . Fumiya Tanaka . Hibiya Line . Jake Hough . Kerry Wallace . Mahony . Marcus L . Mashkov . MIIIA . Mr. G (Live) . Nick Ford . Nick Warren . Nina Kraviz . Ocean Lam . Oliver Huntemann . Ouissam . Praslesh . Red Axes . Ricardo Villalobos . Rifain . Sammy Dee . Seth Troxler . Shaded . Sofia Rodina . Sonja Moonear . Sunju Hargun . Sunny W . tINI . TYOMA (Live) . Weng Weng . youANDme . Zig Zach . Zip more artists will be announced soon!
A collaboration between three of Paris underground’s hottest exports, 2012 saw the launch of Apollonia, the imprint and DJ outfit from Shonky, Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom.
Presenting a back2back2back spectaculaire, Apollonia DJ together for extended sets of five hours or more, following a strict one-record-each concept for the full duration of the show.
Parallel to their gigs and studio endeavours, the boys also manage their own self-titled record label, which has seen 28 releases so far, including re-releases from Point G, Callisto and Kerri Chandler, together with new music from Apollonia themselves, iO (mulen) and a bunch of tour a tour remixes inc Charles webster, The Martinez Brothers, Melchior Prod, Hold youth and many more.
Bill Patrick
In America, specifically NYC, Bill Patrick is a man of many accolades... Since his days as a DJ in legendary clubs such as The Limelight, Vinyl & Arc, he has charmed our hearts and moved our bodies. Not to mention being co-founder of the famed Robots parties and amusing us weekly as Robot Radio's alluring and witty host. Within the world of electronic music everyone has a tale about our friend Bill Patrick. Some funny, some sad, some tragic, most shady, but at the end of each story or any encounter with this demigod you're left wanting more.

In 2008, this mythical creature, who by chance was reborn a man, relocated to Berlin. Why? Few know. Some say it was in search of gold, some suggest it was out of self loathing, those in his inner circle say it was to be closer to them. He says it was to challenge the European state of mind and how sexually active they, as a people, can become. In any event all legend and lore were left behind. So where has that left this man, this nu-romantic? I'll tell you, striving to be more. It doesn't matter that the only places he now plays are mega festivals like Outline in Moscow, Sunwaves in Romania, or super clubs like Arma 17, Fabric, and Rex in Paris. Currently touring the globe and vocally enlightening the Universe, Bill still finds time to update his Facebook fan page and send out extremely well written tweets. But he wants to step out of his box and come to you, to educate the minds of the world with his deep, psychedelic take on contemporary dance music. With the help of his unwavering comrades; Guy Gerber, Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves, he is destined to thrive!
- Words by Seth Troxler
Dan Andrei
One of Romania’s confirmed talents, Dan Andrei is a extraordinary producer and also a DJ to watch. His releases can be found on imprints like Arpiar, Be Chosen or Kurbits, just to name a few. You haven’t been to a club if you didn’t hear at least once one of his productions. Or maybe you went to the wrong clubs, it’s the same.
Various gigs around Europe keep him busy, as well as playing Playstation among other things. He is headlining the Sunwaves festival, he has more than a few gigs around Europe this summer, and he’s also working on some hot new collabs.
Denis Kaznacheev
Russian producer Denis Kaznacheev has received a healthy level of acclaim and attention as one half of Easy Changes, the ‘minimal techno’ duo who have amassed a sizable following since 2007 through releases on their own imprint Nervmusic and other well respected labels such as All Inn, Grow Vinyl, FoundSound, Sleep Is Commercial, Only 300 Family and Arma. The time has come now for to Denis to embark on a musical side project created solely by his own two hands and a few machines. His pensive sounds waves subtle grooves in amongst discordant synth blasts, electronic bleeps and whirrs, tripped-out FX and tinges of organic instrumentation creating a fascinating juxtaposition.
With a background like DeWalta’s, the stage was set long ago for this yougin to blast some serious holes in the fabric of music, time, and space. DeWalta a.k.a. David Koch budded from a large family in southern Germany filled with theater, literature, and music. Early schooling came in the form of the interdisciplinary Waldorf School (also home to electronic pioneers Abe Duque and John Selway) tasked with nothing less than helping young people fulfill their unique destinies.
David has achieved a rich and detailed account of who he is as a musician. Each track deals in a head-spinning amount of detail in between the more prominent beats and melodies, from strange analogue FX to fast and loose improvisations. More than anything though, it taps into that aforementioned exuberance which comes from an artist who has grown up making things up his own way. DeWalta is proof, if ever it was needed, that it’s more fun to not compute.
DJ Masda
A Japanese DJ, born and raised at the foot of Mt.Fuji, Shizuoka. Cutting his teeth on spinning vinyls in '90s, dj masda has steadily developed his deeper exploration of house and techno.
Not to mention his diverse, flawless track selection and precise mixing that integrates best bits from the old to the new, it’s easy to see why he is respected as one of the finest selector amongst Japanese underground scene if you catch him playing or his highly-rated podcast mixes for ResidentAdvisor / XLR8R / NightClubber.Ro / Technique Tokyo / Undersound.
At Cabaret and Middle of NowHere parties in Tokyo, he has invited some like-minded djs who shares common attitude. Those tireless efforts made him an important hub for underground scene across Japan and Europe.
He launched Cabaret Recordings imprint with So Inagawa to set a platform for showcasing his twisted but authentic view on house and techno. Also, he is spearheading A&R operations for Tokyo's Energy Flash Distribution. His intense musical journey broadens beyond his home country to encompass Europe as he now has a base in Berlin as well as in Japan.
Despite his humble persona, as a DJ and producer, DOTT (Dogs On The Turns) is an integral player in Bangkok’s ever-expanding underground house and techno scene. In recent years his reputation has spread overseas and he has become a regular feature in the South-East Asian dance music network bringing his unique style to Singapore’s Headquarters and The Upstairs and Vietnam’s The Light House. As a producer he has released on Little Helpers, Whoyostro, Motek, Manjumasi as well as his own imprint More Rice. He has music forthcoming on Bodyparts and Oblack. His production style, much like his DJ sets, are rooted in a love of deep house and minimal with indelible bass line grooves (he used to play bass in and acid jazz band) acting as the foundation for abstract and trippy top lines.
From global success in the commercial domain, to equal accomplishments within the underground scene, Dubfire (aka Ali Shirazinia) is an artist whose drive, talent and intuition have placed him in the top tier of electronic music artists in the world. He maintains this position within the industry with an unrelenting work ethic and a determination to innovate, evolve, and entertain. Whether it’s his involvement with Deep Dish, his solo performances at an extensive list of the world’s most influential clubs and festivals, his dubfire:live HYBRID show, running his label SCI+TEC, or simply his exploration of audio and visual technology, Dubfire is in a class of his own.
Ferry Corsten
Hailing from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Ferry Corsten’s illustrious career is exemplified by a passion for music that began as a hobby and spiralled into a full-blown profession, as he continues to push the boundaries of trance music as much today as much as he did in his fledgling career. This is highlighted by his latest project UNITY, a concept launched in 2018 that will see Ferry collaborate with iconic trance acts throughout the year with the vision of uniting the Trance community for a bigger cause. Ferry has partnered with VH1’s Save The Music Foundation, an organisation formed to reinstate music programs for children, which has helped 2,100 schools to date. The first of these collaborations came in the form of icon Paul Oakenfold, a track that Billboard hailed as the “perfect starting point for UNITY”. This project follows on from Ferry’s 2017 sci-fi concept album ‘Blueprint’, a full length for which.
Ferry worked with House Of Cards screenwriter David H. Miller to complete, and which includes narration from Amazing Spider-Man and Exorcism Of Emily Rose actor Campbell Scott. 2017 also saw Ferry place in DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll for the 7 th consecutive year, making him the longest serving Dutch DJ in the ranking, and with past accolades and new projects taken into account it’s no surprise.
Владимир Фонарев (Fonarev) ; диджей с тридцатилетним опытом работы, радиоведущий, продюсер и промоутер. На протяжении многих лет является одним из самых авторитетных ди-джеев России. В его биографии зашифрована вся история российского клубного движения. Первые диско-вечера в кинотеатре «Орион» и первая дискотека Jump в Лужниках, первое шоу об электронной музыке Funny House на волнах радио Maximum и легендарная «Станция», многотысячные рейвы в «Олимпийском», выступление на главной сцене берлинского May Day и и русские вечеринки XIII на Ибице, лейблы «Атмосфера» и Znaki, — это всё о нем.
Пройдя огонь, воду и медные трубы Fonarev и сегодня остается одним из главных игроков на российской сцене. Его Digital Emotions объединяет одноименный звукозаписывающий лейбл, авторскую радиопрограмму и промо-группу.
Выступления Fonarev - истинное путешествие в мир музыки. В них сочетаются и переплетаются - этника, драйв, эмоциональность и артистичность. Любимые направления в музыке - Progressive,Trance & Breaks. Радио шоу Владимира Фонарева, Digital Emotions, в десятке лучших российскийх музыкальных подкастов в iTunes Russia более 4 лет не покидает 1 место в чарте PromoDJ.
Fumiya Tanaka
Fumiya Tanaka has been regarded as one of the legendary DJ/artists in Techno for almost 20 years. He has been doing numerous projects such as his private label “TOREMA RECORDS”, his recent label “op.disc” (co-running with Yoshihiro HANNO aka RADIQ), and his famous party “CHAOS” (in Tokyo and Osaka), and through his long running career, he has been successfully expressing the possibilities of music. His unique style is focused on “minimal” house and techno, but through his play, he pulls out the beauty, the depth and the thickness of music and turns “minimal” into “maximum”. This is one of the reasons why he is still at the top. Lately Tanaka started a new label called “Sundance”. Fumiya run’s also the Project To-Fu Productions together with Thomas Melchior together and is releated to Perlon records.
Hibiya Line
Behind that name hides Dan, a Swiss-Vietnamese guy who in 2006 began playing live acts mixing house and techno in his hometown of Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2013, he founded The Observatory, an underground club in HCMC, Vietnam that is naturally dedicated to the music he likes. The venue has since obtained a reputation for itself in the country and broader region as a place that is dedicated to quality dance music. A Hibiya Line set can be anything from a cosmic journey through the exoplanets of electronic rarities, an archaeological excavation of loft-locked disco gems, and anything in between. Arguably one of the true pioneers of underground dance music in Vietnam, his sound escapes the confines of genres and is designed for dancing with an element of anticipation and surprise.
Jake Hough
Having come across this gent many moons ago it was clear from the offset his sound was perfect for Sunday’s.
If the mark of a strong dj is versatility – Jake has to be one of the strongest acts within our scene. From dubby moody room openings, euphoric morning closing sets, and main room hammer time, Jake’s versatility and unwavering standard sets “Hoffy” as a stand out artist.
His ability to read crowds and continually feed off their reaction to guide him towards their appeal makes him a party favourite on a weekly basis. Always pushing the envelope just enough to experiment with blends of sounds and tones to offer something different each set.
From Steve O’Sullivan, East End Dubs, Brawther, DJ T., Diego Krause, Delano Smith, S3A and so on as supported artists as well as Renate, EGG, Ibiza Underground, OFF Week, Café Del Mar, WetYourSelf! And CocoBeach and every festival, venue and party worth its salt domestically all adding to his accolades over the last few years of beat matching.
Over the years we’ve come to expect nothing less than exceptional sets from the one we call ‘Hoffy’ securing his place amongst our residents.
Kerry Wallace
The driving force behind Australia’s largest and most highly regarded underground house music event – S.A.S.H, 2 decades of experience have brought Kerry to the highest echelons of Djing and promoting.
Locally, gracing the stages of every festival, venue and party worth its salt across Australia, his chunky, deep and melodic tech house sound has seen him play alongside some of the world’s most recognisable artists. From Rainbow Serpent, Subsonic Music Festival to Future Music Festival (Cocoon Stage). hosting the likes of Sven Vath, Maya Jane Coles and Guy Gerber to Alex Niggemann, Alexkid, Dixon, Mihai Popoviciou, Sascha Dive, Andre Pushkarev and Enzo Siragusa on a weekly basis at S.A.S.H. His sound is immediately audible leaving revellers consistently moving irrelevant of the slot.
Developing his taste in music with hip-hop and underground Romanian rap, Mahony started enjoying electronic music by high school. The "IT PLACE" in Bucharest was Kristal Club, and he went there to enjoy his favorite artists and get a glimpse of the scene. Playing for friends and small parties was just the beginning for Mahony, getting more recognition as a DJ when he got the residency of Kudos Beach Club in Mamaia. With a full season and great reviews, Mahony was signed as a resident DJ in his favorite club, Kristal. He got to play alongside great artists like Pan-Pot, The Martinez Brothers, Seth Troxler, Dubfire, Carl Cox, John Digweed, Loco Dice, and many more. His career fast forwarded playing for Sunwaves Festival over the years, as one of the residents.
Having gigs abroad and producing more, made Mahony one of the rising stars in Bucharest's electronic music scene. Playing with Vatos Locos in Berlin (CDV), Barcelona (Off Sonar), Mexico (BPM) brought the Romanian DJ in the spotlights with new music coming soon for his increasing fan base. Over the last two years gigs in New York, Philadelphia, Montreal , Argentina, Berlin, Dubai, Paris touched a string of the traveler in him, embracing the life on the road and all the new friends it brings.
Mahony's eclectic style is sprinkled with inspired tracks at the right time, surprising moments and a wide variety of genres transformed into his sets.
Marcus L
Marcus L has been in motion his whole life—growing up in Seoul, coming of age in England, decamping to Berlin and finally settling back in Seoul—and his deeply syncopated brand of electronic dance music has evolved with every step of the journey.
Marcus L is a DJ and founder of the label ‘Ameniia’ (since 2014) as well as Kammer Radio & Records. He also runs one of the key club in Asia called Faust in Seoul, South Korea. Through the DJs he has played with, which has seen DJs such as Avalon Emerson, Ben Klock, DVS1, Sven Väth as well as Ryan Eilliot come through his own DJ sets and the club itself, he made the Faust to one of the most important clubs in ASIA for sincere electronic music.
Moscow based DJ, promoter and founder of community and label System 108 Eugene Mashkov is a notable enthusiast of Russian club industry and electronic music scene.
At the begining of 2010s Mashkov became a resident of famous Moscow club Vanilla Ninja and after its closing made showcases of the club community on different club venues.
In 2015 he founded a community System 108 in cooperation with his Vanilla Ninja’s comrades Adamov and Boym.
While label released about 6 EPs of Russian and European producers per year, regular parties System 108 in Konstruktor and then in Gazgolder club earned big fame and thousands of followers. As a creative director he founded a community of media artists True Light Crew specializing on light and lazer installations.
Besides his massive promoting activity, Mashkov is a skillfull DJ who can keep people on the dancefloor in dance euphoria for hours. Especially he is most well known for his longlasting afterhours sets which force a second wind of party open.
MIIIA has been pushing the boundaries of Shanghai's underground music scene for nearly a decade.  The Chinese-Canadian artist is continuously building a dream-world
that extends from the studio to her on-stage performances, bringing dance floors with her to uncharted space territories.
As a producer she has been release numerous originals and remixes on labels such as Acupuncture records, E.C.I Korea, BESURE, and Destroy All Monsters.
Mr. G (Live)
The term 'legend' is often banded around willy nilly in the dance music realm, but Mr. G, aka Colin McBean, is one of the few who can rightfully lay claim to this accolade. Having been in the game for around 2 decades now, Mr. G is widely considered to be one of the most under-rated artists about - with only true music fans appreciating his vast contribution to dance music.
He was initially part of the KCC DJ trio playing at the now legendary Confusion parties and subsequently started recording as one half of The Advent, producing many ground-breaking releases/remixes and albums, and touring the world with their intense, relentless style of techno. In 1999 Colin decided to go his own way and founded the Phoenix G label in order to create his unique brand of analogue bass-heavy electronic tech-funk, which immediately attracted props from his peers and the music press alike.
Nick Ford
Grew up in Manchester, started DJ'ing in the mid nineties. Held his first residency at Dry 201 Factory Records/ New Order. One half of British electronic music duo MadderModes, runs Shift Coordinate Points imprint with Andy Harper and currently resident DJ at The Observatory, Saigon, Vietnam.
Nick Warren
Nick Warren became one of the first so-called "superstar DJs" in the mid-to-late '90s, holding down a high-profile residency at Cream in England, touring around the world, and appearing on several DJ mix albums before they became commonplace. Though he spun an eclectic array of dance styles in the late '80s and early '90s, he eventually championed the late-'90s trance sound of labels like Hooj Choons and joined the ranks of other superstar DJs like Paul Oakenfold, Sasha, and Tall Paul.
Nina Kraviz
Nina Kraviz is one of the most significant artists in the global electronic scene.The Siberian born singer, producer, song-writer and a DJ is well known as a passionate record digger and for her outstanding taste in idiosyncratic electronic music, which lead her to create her label трип (pronounced trip). In 2015 трип was chosen a record label of the year Mixmag. The Siberian taste maker is well known for her musically uncompromising energetic DJ performances, where she plays music most others wouldn’t dare and for her sincere connection to the audience. This unique feeling together with a badass attitude and charismatic stage persona have earned Nina Kraviz headliner status at all the reputable festivals worldwide.
Ocean Lam
In only a few short years since her 2008 debut, Ocean Lam has positioned herself as one of the leaders in Hong Kong’s electronic music scene. A former resident at Yumla, she has moved on to start two successful and distinctly different monthly nights at the famed Bassment Bar: FoxTrot, an all-female DJ night grounded in fun vibes; and as a promoter Humdrum & Hypnotic, hosting international stalwarts including Deetron, Dirt Crew, Dave DK, Glitterbug, I-Robots, Ryan Elliott, Oskar Offermann and Tigerskin... to name but a few.
Twisting her listeners through deep techno sounds to warm house tracks, as dub techno chords, pumping basslines and delicate vocals drift together, Ocean`s music is simple but moody, favoring human feelings over machine-like clicks and pops.
Oliver Huntemann
Myths abound in the north when it comes to techno ground zero, and they refuse to go away. Oliver Huntemann is one of a handful of children of the north who, for what seems like an eternity, add an element of credence to the mythology. He does not, of course, live in a snowy forest or at the edge of the polar oceans. The sun does, on occasion, shine down on Hamburg. Nevertheless, there is a tendency towards hypothermic reduction in the rigorous efficiency of the Huntemann oeuvre. Images of cold storage warehouses, desolate heavy plant sites and bluish flesh are not entirely misplaced. Shards of German Engineering glimmer in his music, laced with persuasive logic, gruesome Darwinism. What remains: what works.
As a DJ, Ouissam slides between disco, house and techno with apparent effortlessness, connecting obscure gems with classic cuts in one irresistible groove.
After many years of playing together in the club and in the studio, Praslea and Raresh decided to unveil their own Praslesh project. If you enjoy their productions you should know their back 2 back is already a classic. The Understand 002 was the first of many releases to come, their mix of Dave’s Gerald proving to be quite a hit. Just like a diamond that needs a little polish, they started this new adventure when the time was right.
Red Axes
Two Friends, machines, psychedelia, potions, and an unconditional passion for music, sound and motion.
Re-defining the sound of a city, gluing together influences, opening new spectrums and introducing the world to a new wave of slow burning down beats and electric garage.
A Deep organic build up which started in 2010, in the basements of Amsterdam and the streets of Tel Aviv.
Originated in a post-punk band called "Red Cotton" that metamorphosed later into Red Axes.
There are many ways of seeing things, Performing Live as a duo or with different guests on stage, or their infamous Dj sets, a trip that will take you very far and as exotic as possible.
if you want to know more about the internal side of RA, check out their own label "Garzen Records", a place for their special deviations.
Ricardo Villalobos
Born in Chile, raised in Germany, world citizen – that pretty much sums up Ricardo’s life, geographically speaking. In 1988 Ricardo played for the first time in a club, armed with his considerable, wide-ranging record collection. He realized his first productions with the famous Roland syntheziser, but in the beginning of the 90s, Ricardo began to upgrade his equipment and to dedicate himself to acid house and early techno sounds. In 1992 he released his first production. Today there isn’t a continent where Ricardo hasn’t played; his choice of music is trend-setting for other Djs and fans alike, and even though his tracks are never commercial, they are immensely successful and he’s well known even beyond the borders of the underground music scene. A good deal of his productions already attain cult status when the first whitelabels surface. Ricardo’s inexhaustible creativity and innovation and his unfailing feel for the crowd make him an outstanding artist in the contemporary world of electronic music.
Rifain’s experimental style takes you on a trip, twisting and turning through the sounds of the culturally ambiguous. Elegantly mixing elements of varied genres, he fearlessly leads the dancefloor into a deep, downbeat darkness to then lift it up with tribal energy. In 2013 he moved to Hong Kong, joining the ‘Cliché Records’ team, since then he has co-founded "Savage" and played a key role in "Fragrant Harbour Soundsystem”. His new project, "Slow Beats Disco" brings together music and art, with an experimental flare, into intimate spaces.
Sammy Dee
Revelation instead of obviousness, radical reduction versus reckless verve, ecstatic eternalness, anti-elastic dictatorship of utilization.In the course of an existence amidst the international Techno circus manège that has been running for (in nearly correct mathematical terms) 20 years, Mario Radecki alias Sammy Dee was able to earn an irrevocable aura as an innovator of electronic music workmanship, far away from beaten mass consumption paths and neoteric-commercial validity.As a (former) resident of Berlin based genesis time venues Tresor and Ostgut, the name Sammy Dee has already been notorious for a passionate manifestation of systematic, personality changing mixing skills back in the 90s. Defining an unparalleled audio-arty range, the vinyl fanatic likes to disperse his beliefs and visions eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth to the skilled and listening audience. Through Sammy's audiophile and distinctive presence, subtle bass-lines are consistently oscillating alongside psychotic tunes, chopped and edgy explorations float through intangibly grotesque layers - all flawlessly sailing around a mediocre moment of time with a trademark, mischievious Perlon smile.
Seth Troxler
Seth Troxler is one of electronic music’s most instantly recognisable characters, as widely regarded for his encyclopaedic knowledge of early Chicago house and minimal techno through to obscure indierock and ambient psychedelia, as he is as a cultural commentator, art curator, restaurateur and entrepreneur. Descended from a family of cowboys and Baptist preachers, he’s part African-American, part Egyptian, part Cherokee Indian but while his heritage is all-American his global outlook, and unique way of viewing the world through the prism of contemporary music culture, transcends his Mid-Western origins.
"I like that fine line between precision and raw emotion. That place in space that is new and fresh, yet finely tuned for your listening pleasure. When those two elements come together and click, magic happens in the music, and that is what I strive for. So keep you ear lobes lubed and your eyes peeled because its time to get SHADED and faded’’.
Creating a completely unique and different style of music today, SHADED has a signature sound – a weaving combination of funky, psychedelic vibes and textures, making his sets something to remember. His sound is undeniable in character and is breathing new life into the techno house world.
Sofia Rodina
Sofia Rodina is an intriguing and groundbreaking character of clubbing scene as no doubt in Russia, and eastern Europe. Born in the city of Magadan of Russian Far East, Sofia moved first to Saint-Petersburg and then to Moscow where she became a solid part of Russian Techno New Wave, bringing the most numbers of dance tribes nowadays. She is also producing and writing her own music. Sofia’s signature sound is a thrilling blend of house and techno with acidic feel.
Sonja Moonear
After studying classical music in her youth, Sonja Moonear set aside the piano in favour of the turntables and bought a Roland R8. Moonear slowly began collaborating with artists like Luciano or Cosmic Chile Zürich, along with Dandy Jack as Junction SM. She has acquired an impressive international reputation, playing in clubs and festivals worldwide. Her sets reflect an enormous wealth of ideas and creativity and lead her to perpetually redefine her style. Her musical background, eclectic tastes and enviable record collection have made miss Moonear a much sought-after DJ.
Sunju Hargun
Constantly working in parallels drenched by a potent mixture of juxtaposition and fluidity in both his sets and his productions Moodwax AKA Sunju Hargun, fuses the greyarea space between music of the body and mind. With over 15 years consumed by a thirst for electronic music, With Roots originally from India, but born in Thailand raised entity has released on leading imprints such as Turbo Recordings, and Many more, while maintaining a solid DJ schedule that’s seen him open clubs and festivals in Germany, Australia, Amsterdam, Spain, Norway al the way to Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong, Bangkok, India and Bali. It’s Sunju’s interplanetary connection to the music –and willingness to create out of the box slabs of detailed sound that maintains his position at the forefront of the asian underground electronic scene.
Sunny W
DJ Sunny Wang, the new face in the music scene. Mushroom label co-founder, also the
resident at TAG. Sunny was influenced by Carl Cox at the age of 15. Afterwards, he started his
career officially. His music has a preference of Underground, Techno is his signature. Joining TAG and moving to Chengdu surely will bring something new in his career!
It took tINI only a few years of playing in clubs to become one of Germany’s most highly acclaimed female artists in techno and house music.
Her involvement with rhythms and beats started at the age of 7, when tINI, who is originally from Munich, began playing drums, while the curiosity and passion for sounds finally led her to first production attempts on her brother’s Atari. While her general interest in music has been aroused by new romantics, wave and grunge, her first dj adventures started with underground hip hop to rap. As her interest, knowledge and skills developed, her DJ style became more electronic when she stumbled upon Moodymann’s “Amerika”.
TYOMA (Live)
TYOMA is the new incarnation of experienced electronic artist and producer Artem Kharchenko, also known for his previous creative endeavors as R-Tem and as part of Kooqla.
2005 saw Artem become one of the first dance producers from Russia to receive widespread international recognition and acclaim. His single ‘Voiceless’ was released by UK label Lost Language, while R-Tem himself enlisted support from the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Way Out West and Armand van Helden. His works have been published by Rotary Cocktail, Baroque Records and EMI Music.
Being a perfectionist, he prepares each DJ-set with great care. TYOMA prefers to play vinyl and has a big collection of records, so each of his set is a new musical journey. TYOMA’s musical variety is almost unlimited - he can easily mix atmospheric ambient and old school d’n’b, even though his favorite are techno and house music.
Weng Weng
Weng Weng is a famous electronic musician in China. He is committed to electronic music development in China for many years. He is an artist, event organizer, club manager, etc. Multiple identities. From China Pump Acupuncture Records (Electronic music label), INTRO Electronic Music Festival, Lantern Club main founder. Weng Weng play an important role in different historical periods of the development of the electronic music in Beijing. He also is invited by many European famous club like Berlin: Tresor club, Arena club, Zurich: Club Q, Geneva: Weetamix, Vienna:Club, Planetarium,Barcelona:Macarena club, Festival like; Street Parade, Amsterdam Free festival…As an artist, his unique insights to the electronic music and years of music career made his music has its own voice. More than ten years his footprints all over the domestic as well as many well-known European clubs and large festival. He has became one of the important sign of Chinese electronic music culture.
youANDme is deeply engrained in the German electronic music world and especially the international Berlin club scene. Not only are they in the heart of the bohemian capital for techno, they also serve a greater role as its artery, pumping blood through its veins with their labels as the valves. This has made them international transplants, playing gigs and festivals around the world in cultural hubs like New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Seoul. They have been in demand by top brands such as Space Ibiza, Sonar Festival in Barcelona, KaZantip Festival in Crimea, Panorama Bar / Berghain in Berlin, D-Edge in Sao Paulo and many more.
Whether through their productions, labels, or gigs, youANDme have proven that, with a little bit of heart, and a lot of soul, doors will open, crowds will come, dance floors will fill, and the speakers will pound for these ambassadors of their city, country, and the music as a whole. (words by Austen van der Bleek).
Zig Zach
Zig Zach over the years has built a reputation for himself in the industry, not only as a DJ but also as a promoter that has helped shape Singapore’s electronic music scene into one of the
best in the South East Asian region. The owner of Blackout Agency, a creative music consultancy and DJ booking agency has worked and toured acts Ame, Red Axes, Roman Flugel, Marvin & Guy, John Talabot, Tim Sweeney, Manfredas, Ata and continues to bring in top quality electronic acts to Singapore and the region.
When he isn’t organizing events, he DJs at parties and festivals regionally such as Karma Kastle (BKK), Lighthouse (HCMC), Jiro (KL) W Hotel (Bali), Wonderfruit Festival (Thailand),
Epizode (Vietnam). He has also made appearances internationally on the infamous Red Light Radio (Amsterdam) and at the Correspondant X SoHaSo Amsterdam Dance Event Showcase.
Zip co-founder of the label Perlon, is familiar with the dancefloors around the world and famous for his tremendous minimal shifts within the 4/4 scheme. He has an illustrious musical history which began in 1986. as singer in the band Second Voice. In 1992 he moved to Frankfurt and joined the EBM band Bigod 20. Now he is a regular guest DJ in clubs around the world and holds residencies at Robert Johnson (Offenbach) and the Panorama Bar (Berlin). He participates in the Narod Niki project, occasional collective laptop live jams initiated by Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin. He has released tracks and remixes on Perlon, Playhouse, Force Inc, Novamute and others.
more artists will be announced soon!